Table of General Anesthetics
History and Chemistry
Usefulness of Ether
Ether Unsuitable For Anesthetic
New Generation of Anesthetics
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General Anesthetics

Table Of Some General Anesthetics

Name/Chemical Formula
Chloroform, CHCl3 Available
Cyclopropane, C3H6 Available
Desflurane, C3H2F6O Available
Enflurane, C3H2ClF5O Available
Ethylene, C2H4 Available
Ethyl Ether, (CH3CH2)2O Available
Halothane, F3CCHBrCl Available
Isoflurane, C3H2ClF5O Available
Nitrous Oxide, N2O Available
Sevoflurane, C4H3F7O N/A
Trichloroethylene, ClCHCCl2 Available


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