Gas chromatography-electron impact-mass spectrometry

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  • The University of Akron has a nicely done web site containing an on-line 'short course' designed as an introduction to the use of a Mass Spectrometer as a GC detector.  It contains units on The Mass Spec Detector, GC/MS Data, and Mass Spectral Interpretation.  (Note that to get to the GC/MS Data page, one should click on the gif and not the words.)  If you have not worked with GC/MS data before, it would be a good idea to spend a few minutes looking at the module on GC/MS Data.  [11/03]
  • Dr. Thomas Chasteen has a number of animations that introduce the principals of GC-MS (among many other Analytical Chemistry topics), perhaps the best of his several GC-MS aids is the Flash animation called Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.  [11/03]
  • George Mason University has a short (four pages) introduction to GC-MS, entitled "Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry Background", which includes several well done figures.  [11/03]
  • Frederick Douglas (an attorney) has a detailed, text-only, document summarizing GC, MS, and GC/MS, for the non-specialist.  This document is a good quick way to obtain an introduction to GC/MS.  If you prefer to do your text reading off-line, FD's web site nicely prints out to a 9-page document.  [11/03]
  • For a very brief introduction to GC/MS, you can visit the web page maintained by the Attorney General of California.  [11/03]
  • A very short explanation, with a great figure, of quadrupole mass spectrometry is Dr. Brian Tissue's site at Virginia Tech.  [11/03]

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Table Of Solvents Used in Case Studies
Name/Chemical Formula
Methanol, CH3OH Available
Acetonitrile, CH3CN Available

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