VMSL Survey Form

Part II: General


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1. The VMSL helped me learn about mass spectrometry.
2. The VMSL was easy.
3. I did not know what to do.
4. I used the "Tutor" section before trying a case study.
5. My background was too limited to attempt the VMSL case studies.
6. The VMSL was an excellent experience.
7. I consider myself an expert mass spectrometrist.
8. The VMSL was a good experience.
9. I would recommend this site to others.
10. The VMSL should tell me what to do step by step.
11. I needed to access additional resources to complete the case study.
12. I don't really care how a mass spectrometer works, I just want to get the answer to the problem.
13. The VMSL case studies were intriguing.
14. The VMSL was fun.

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