Software and Hardware Requirements
Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • 120MHz Power Macintosh or Pentium-class PC
  • 32MB of RAM
  • Monitor displaying Thousands of colors at a resolution of 1024 x 768
  • 56kbps Modem is fast enough to allow one working through all the case studies except that it won't allow you to watch the virtual movies(in Tutor and wetlab) and the animated pictures on the main page in a timely manner.
Minimum Software Requirements
A version "5"+ browser is required. It should allow "Javascript" or "Active scripting(IE)". It also should check for newer content at every visit and allow requested window to be opened (Opera and some Mozilla class browsers). The following browsers are tested to work with the above settings in effect:
  • On Windows 2000 and XP: Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, Netscape Navigator 6.2 and above, Mozilla 1.4 and above, Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3, and Opear 7.11
  • On a Mac OS X 10.3 machine: Internet Explorer 5.2.3 and Safari 1.25
  • On a Linux Redhat 8.0 machine: Mozilla 1.0 and 1.7, and Galeon 1.4
Other Softwares Recommended
  • Chime plug-in or Java support enabled to view molecular structures.
  • Quicktime plug-in to watch virtual movies. Be sure to associate AVI files with your Quicktime plug-in and enable Quicktime plug-in in your browser. On Linux, Quicktime plug-in is not available up to today (Oct. 25, 2004). But other player, such as mplayer should work for AVI files.

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