Press Releases :

Mass Spec Without the Wait  ( Education section in NetWatch of Science Magazine )

Virtual Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Transforms Learning Experience ( Carnegie Mellon News Service )

Teaching MS: Structured & Open-Access Approaches ( Public Releases of American Association for the Advancement of Science )

Teaching MS: Structured & Open-Access Approaches ( American Society for Mass Spectrometry)

Virtual Mass Spectrometry Lab Transforms Science Education ( PittChronicle )

The Washington Wire -- Virtual Labs to Enhance Learning Experience (Association for Women in Science)

A Mass Spectrometer Of Your Very, Very Own ( Sciscoop )

A Virtual Lab for 'Mass Spec' ( Pittsburgh Post-Gazette )

Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry:Instrumentation, Applications and Education ( American Chemical Society, Pittsburgh Section Newsletter, p10 )

Lecture on International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE 2002)

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