VMSL Survey Form
The VMSL survey is designed to help us evaluate our site.  We want to collect information that may allow us to improve the quality of this online educational tool and make it more valuable and helpful to those who wish to learn about mass spectrometry.  We would also like to evaluate the ability of the VMSL site as a teaching tool.  Thank you for your cooperation.

There are 3 parts to our survey. Please complete the parts that apply to you.

Part I:  Demographic -- Please complete Part I. (12 Questions, completion time 2 minutes)
Part II: General -- If you already have some experience with the VMSL, please complete Part II. (20 Questions, completion time 5 minutes)
Part II: Case Study Questions -- If you have completed a case study please complete Part III.

Part I: Demographic

1. What is your age?

10-14             15-19             20-24             25-29             30yrs and above

2. What is your gender?

M             F            

3. Please indicate the country that best represents your origin/ethnicity :


4. How would you describe your comprehension and use of the English language?

Excellent           Very good         Good             Fair         Poor     

5. What is your occupation?

Student             Educator             Scientist             Engineer             Manager / University faculty

6. What is your highest level of degree obtained?

< HS             HS             BA             BS             MS             MD             Ph.D            

6-1. If you are an undergraduate student, are you a :

Freshman        Sophomore        Junior        Senior        Don't pursue degree in the university       

6-a. How many students go/went to your four year college/university?

N/A        < 2000        2000 - 10000        10000 or more         I went to a two-year college       

6-b. Does/Did your school have a graduate program in the sciences?

Yes             No      

6-c. What is your field of study?

chemistry        biology        pharmacology        physics        chemical engineering        other  

7. How many years of mass spectrometry experience do you have?

< 1             1-5             6-10             11-15             16 or more            

8. What type of organization do you work full-time?

Student         Academic         Industry         Government         Unemployed         Retired        

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